14 July 2009

On the road again - Batu Rakit, Penarik and Kota Bharu (17th to 20th June 2009)

I hit the road at 10.00 pm on 15th June. First stop was my office. After loading stuff and equipment (almost 11 pm), my next destination was Batu Rakit. We decided to take coastal road, upon exiting East Coast Highway, considering the late hour and familiar pit stops along the way. We (Niezam and ) reached K Terengganu at about 4.00 am. We crashed in at a hotel in K Trg for a couple of hours. We had a hearty brunch (breakfast + lunch), before driving up to Batu Rakit ICT Center. Then we proceed to Penarik, a village by the beach where we met Tini and Hasnita.

While waiting for Tan Sri to arrive, we headed for a stall by the beach and had air kelapa muda (young coconut) and got to know Ms. Hasnita. Ms. Hasnita is leasing her land to Yayasan Salam Malaysia at RM 1.00 per year for 6 acres of land. (this is NOT a typo, Ringgit Malaysia One Only per year). The view from the land is simply breathtaking! White sandy beach on the right and river on the left, and the casuarina! And we can have the land for 15 years! If you talk about generosity, this is definitely one of them.

Then we rushed back to Batu Rakit ICT Center to complete the installation of webcam, headset, skype and network (server - client configuration). By 6 pm we headed to Sekolah keb Pulau Kundor, Kota Bharu. The camp was already in full swing. I was introduced to the school's principal, teachers and new facilitators. By late evening, I checked in one of the beach house along the Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Moon Shine Beach), which used to be known as Pantai Cinta Berahi (Passionate Love beach).

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